Listed below is a small selection on comments received from satisfied customers

Dear Mr Towers
We are very pleased with the roof and garage door – no doubt there will be more work in time.

E. Tann, Bognor Regis

Dear Joe
Thought you would like to know that I recently received a Design Award from the Conservation Department of Arun Council for Hartly Cottage (copy enclosed) Thanks for your help.

L. Rendina, Arundel

For the Attn. Mr. Towers
Dear Sirs

With reference to the installation of Corofil CF Fire Protection System to the timber floor carried out by yourselves, and subsequent inspection on 27th July, we not only confirm that the system has been installed to achieve a minimum one hour fire resistance but congratulate you on the high standard of work bearing in mind the comparatively complex timber structure. Should any future sites require this type of fire protection we will be pleased to recommend your company for installation.

A.R. Walker, Chessington

Dear Joseph
We would both like to thank you for the splendid work you did, on the construction of our new bathroom, which we are extremely pleased with. Mr Paige is carrying out the electrical work next week and then all will be complete. We look forward to a future good business relationship with you.

D. Grixoni, Bognor Regis

Certificate of Design and Craftsmanship awarded to Joseph Towers, Builder (Arun District Conservation Area Advisory Committee)

Certificate of Design and Craftsmanship awarded to Joseph Towers, Builder by Arun District Conservation Area Advisory Committee.

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